Attn: University of Notre Dame Press Overstock Sale!

Why buy a mattress anywhere else?

Why buy a mattress anywhere else?

These overstock events remind me I will probably never get over my book addiction.

The University of Notre Dame Press is selling over 400 titles online, most priced at $5 per book, with a few priced at $10 and $15.   You can get all the instructions and link to the sale books here (there’s a code, NDEOVR13 , you have to type in at checkout, so make sure you read this page first):

I’ve already spotted Fritz Bauerschimdt’s book on Julian of Norwich, a book on von Balthasar made famous by the pope emeritus, a book by the head of the Erasmus institute James Turner, one on Dante and Petrarch, one by Hauerwas on Truthfulness and tragedy, a book by Haldane, another one by Grisez, Soloviev’s essays,  Nicholas Boyle’s great book on literature as theology that was positively reviewed by Greg Wolfe in IMAGE Journal, quite a few books by Laurence Paul Hemming among them this great volume,  a book on pilgrim theology by Nicholas Lash, a set of addresses to Catholic intellectuals from philosopher Adriaan Peperzak, Vance Morgan’s book on Simone Weil’s writings on math, science, and love.

There goes my beer money.  Nota Bene: Buying books when you can’t afford them is an act of Rabelaisian Catholicism.

Remember, the checkout code is: NDEOVR13

My begrudging thanks go out to Brandon Sammon who has a noteworthy blog here.

Buddy can you spare a dime?

Buddy can you spare a dime?


8 thoughts on “Attn: University of Notre Dame Press Overstock Sale!

    • No problem. I updated the blog entry with the code, which is NDEOVR13. Did you get anything? I’m trying to figure out what I should buy so our family doesn’t go broke. I suppose this is motivation to go and sell some old books to the used bookstore.

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