Paradigm shifts in the study of the historical Jesus

the archives near Emmaus

Anthony Le Donne has written a few posts on the paradigms shifts that can be observed in historical Jesus studies. In his first post he asks whether the distinction between the ipsissima verba and the ipsissima vox of Jesus is helpful or even accurate. In his second post he discusses the nature of the so-called “Third Quest” and whether we have entered a “post-Third Quest era.” The third posts proposes that a better designation that various “quests” would be pre- and post-Holocaust. This is applicable not only to the study of the historical Jesus, but Pauline studies as well, as exemplified by the emergence of various New Perspectives on Paul.

A Sea of Change in Jesus Studies: Fare Thee Well, Ipissima Verba!

Post-Third Quest Quirks; or, Have We All Stopped Medicating?

The Post-Holocaust Era in New Testament Studies

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