Introducing Alfred Delp, SJ

Alfred Delp: A Self-surrender at the Heart of the World


In attempt to introduce people to the figure of Alfred Delp (a Jesuit priest and martyr), this blog endeavours to present the writings of Delp that have yet to be published in the English speaking world.

Alfred Delp was born in 1907 in Mannheim, Germany and entered the Society of Jesus in 1926. He was ordained a priest in 1937. In the following year he completed his theology studies in Frankfurt and received his licentiate in theology. Soon after this, he went on to the last stage of Jesuit formation–tertianship.

During this time of intense prayer, Delp discovered a love for the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He came to regard the heart of Jesus as the perfect symbol of the triune God’s selfless love for the world. This devotion, I believe, may have enabled him  to commit his very own selfless act of the heart–an act that can…

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