Top 10 Recent Books: 5 on Heaven, 5 on Hell

I’ve recently written on both heaven and on hell. My own readings on these topics might be idiosyncratic. I’m not sure whether these books get read in seminaries or comparative religion programs. I don’t even know whether these topics are … Continue reading

Forgiveness Wins: The Perversity of the Prodigal Father

I reluctantly watched the new Arendt biopic. The trailer seemed to offer the same bowdlerized version of history I hated so much in The Lives of Others and Life is Beautiful. Agnieszka Holland is much more up my alley when it comes to … Continue reading

Coetzee Demolishes Greek Harmony With Christian Agony

The best religious novelist of our time isn’t, as far as I know, a Christian believer. J.M. Coetzee completed his doctoral dissertation upon another Christ-haunted writer Samuel Beckett. He also is clearly influenced by the philosophical and theological writings of … Continue reading

You Have no Idea How Much Nastier I Would be if I Was Not a Catholic

My post about the historical roots of resistance to the widespread and sociologically natural practice of abortion got quite a few people riled up. Luckily it didn’t result in as many stalkers, haters, and insinuators (usually about pedophilia) as my … Continue reading